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VisualPhonetic™ Workshops

Deby Jones - Founder and Instructor

Our workshops teach practical and profession-specific Spanish and English phrases in a fun and exciting way that get participants speaking instantly and painlessly. The workshop is perfect for those who cannot commit to protracted, expensive and generic Spanish classes.

For more information or to schedule a workshop please contact us.

Some of our critics have described Spanish In-A-Pinch® language workshops and “cheat sheets” as “cost-effective, convenient and fun,” characteristics rarely applied to traditional classroom Spanish courses. Most individuals do not care to be efficient in reading and writing in Spanish; rather, most simply want to be understood and convey information essential to their job. We believe that with profession-specific Spanish “cheat sheets” and our simple and fun workshops, individuals can empower themselves “In-A-Pinch®”. Bilingual professionals enthusiastically support this approach for basic business transactions, allowing them to devote more time to critical translation issues.

Although our language tools require no instruction, our workshops provide a well-rounded explanation of their use and implementation. Periodic follow-up workshops strengthen the concepts initially introduced and provide more detailed vocabulary and profession-specific phrases, depending on the needs of each class group. Individuals look forward to our visits as they review basics and build on their growing language skills.

Workshops are taught by award winning presenter, Deby Jones, founder of 2nd Language Success. Her patented VisualPhonetic™ technique uses visual cues to help participants remember and pronounce words easily.

Sponsor and Funding

Our language tools can be branded with sponsors logos and contact information. Corporate sponsoring affords a great opportunity to involve trade-related companies in the education of your members and keep your organization’s costs reasonable. If you wish to brand your order with company logos and contact information for your workshops, we require a minimum order of 500 cards and need 4 weeks setup and production time. For more information on logos, banners and other such sponsoring tags on your “cheat sheets”, call us for details at 1-877-265-8575.

Workshops and Seminars

Learning a new language can, for some, be an intimidating and overwhelming experience. We note our best results in participants taking the 4 hour workshops. Individual are satisfied with the content and have ample practice time throughout the workshop. We help maximize your organization’s and/or your sponsor’s investments by scheduling two workshops on the same day (morning and afternoon sessions).  These can be either two repeated sessions or two entirely different classes. 

Meeting Facility

Your organization will be responsible for making meeting room and AV arrangements.  Call us at 1-877-265-8575 to discuss details.

Workshop Materials

Workshops include 2 Spanish In-A-Pinch profession-specific “cheat sheets” and a handout for 50 participants.  Although there is no limit to how many individuals may attend, there may be a nominal fee for handouts beyond 50 participants for each workshop. Call us to discuss details.

CEU Credits: Educational credits are commonly awarded to those in attendance.  Please provide us with details 6 to 8 weeks prior to the workshops. Our staff will work with you and your organizations to try and secure said credits. 

Instructional Fees

The instructional fee for TWO workshops (4 hours) is $2,500.00 ($25.00 per participant for instruction and workshop materials). Presenter’s travel and lodging expenses are not included in the instructional fees. We require 50% Deposit at time of scheduling workshop to reserve workshop and travel arrangements.  The remaining 50% balance is due upon completion of workshops. 

For more information on our VisualPhonetic Workshops or to schedule a workshop for your group please contact us at 1-877-265-8575 or email us here.

Workshop Testimonials

"We have never had such an energetic instructor! Deby brought such an excitement to our conference and created a buzz that lasted for days."
- Brad Carpenter, Bonneville Chapter ICC

"The best workshop ever attended! Excellent workshop for the construction and building code officials."
- Rutgers University Center of Government, Services Course Evaluation

"The workshop was incredible and Deby Jones was awarded "Presenter Award" by an overwhelming majority of our attendees. We have invited her back for more."
- Ryan C. Lee, MBA, CphT, American Association of Pharmacy Technicians

"The workshop, interaction, VisualPhonetics and 'cheat sheets' are empowering!"
- Kathy Thompson, Teacher

“The Language of Business is Accommodation”™