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Frequently Asked Questions

Workshop/Seminar FAQ’s:

Do you schedule language workshops?

Yes. (See workshop section)

Do you schedule out-of-state workshops?
Yes, we commonly schedule half and full-day language instruction workshops. (See workshop section)

How long are your workshops? How much do workshops cost?
Pricing varies depending on length of workshops. (See workshop section)

What do the workshops include?
Workshops are customized to meet your professional needs. (See workshop section)

Is Continuing Education Credit available?
Yes, we are nationally recognized. Our workshops have been granted CE credit by many associations, universities and private corporations.

Do you have English workshops and materials for Latinos?
Yes, we have English-Spanish and Spanish-English language instruction. (See workshop section)

Product FAQ’s:

Do you have a printed catalogue?
No, we have on-line samples that you can print and preview. (See In-a-Pinch® section)

How many transaction cards (“cheat sheets”) do you have?
We have over 300 transaction cards in more than 30 industries.

Do you have other languages?
Yes, please contact us regarding desired language and title. (Contact us here)

What other products/services do you have?
Workshops, LingoPads™, Bilingowear™, profession-specific “cheat sheets” & more.

Do you have CD, Video and/or On-line Training?
Yes, They are currently in development.

Do you have quantity discounts?
Yes, contact us for details. (Contact us here)

Customized/Marketing FAQ’s:

Can we create a custom set?
Yes, contact us to customize your set. (Contact us here)

Miscellaneous FAQ’s:

Do you translate materials and how much do you charge?
Yes, contact us for further information. (Contact us here)

Who are your clients/sponsors?
(See Sponsors/Clients section)


Do you contract with retailers or distributors?

Yes, contact us for further information. (Contact us here)

Can we customize to have our logo on the Transaction Cards "Cheat Sheets"?
Yes, contact us to arrange the details. (Contact us here)

“The Language of Business is Accommodation”™