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Deby Jones: A Visionary for Language Issues

Founder (Patróna) of
2nd Language Success

When life handed Deby Jones a bushel of lemons, following a corporate merger in 2000, she decided to set up her roadside stand and sell Spicy Spanish Lemonade. Her special brand name Spanish In-A-Pinch®, took the form of niche market training using custom created language "Cheat Sheet" cards, and animated engaging workshops.

Deby came to the task with years of teaching, academic degrees in Spanish and Organizational Communication and most importantly a passion for Spanish. This passion, combined with her desire to bridge the workplace communication gap between English and Spanish speakers, created the foundation upon which 2nd Language Success® and its major subsidiary Spanish In-A-Pinch® are built. Several years' work experience in Risk Management, Human Resources and Safety uniquely qualify Deby as the Language Facilitator.

Spanish In-A-Pinch®'s core framework consists of surprisingly simple language cards which allow a non-Spanish speaker to convey critical information to the Spanish-speaking worker, In-A-Pinch®, to immediately improve safety and productivity.

Comparison of Spanish In-A-Pinch® to
Traditional Language Coursework

Spanish In-a-Pinch®

Traditional Language
Unique, Edgy, and FUN Boring, Disconnected
Simple, Clear Cumbersome, Vague
In-A-Pinch® Time Consuming
Profession-Specific General Non-Specific
Conversational, Practical Formal, Book Learning
Affordable Expensive

Workshop attendees are coached in profession-specific language and trade jargon, versus formal speech and language. The instructor Deby encourages students to "Shout Out" answers over passive listening. Eight simple sentence patterns take the place of complex verb conjugation in a fast paced class that leaves every participant infused with newfound knowledge and practical tools to use immediately. Workshops consist of four to six hour workshops, may include continuing education credit, where sought, teaching highly specific trade/profession vocabulary rather than general diction. Finally, Spanish In-A-Pinch® classes are affordable and encourage students to use "cheat sheets" rather than to memorize useless facts they cannot use.

Deby has designed nearly 300 professional "Cheat Sheets" for over twenty-five industries. Spanish In-A-Pinch® "Cheat Sheets" were awarded the Editor's Choice Award by HGTV Professional Series and Hanley Wood "Tools of the Trade" Magazine for the "Hottest and Best Language Tools" in the construction industry.

According to the 2000 U.S. Census, Hispanics are the largest minority comprising 40 million people, with the belief among immigration officials that another 12 to 13 million Hispanics are undocumented. In 2010, eighty million Latinos will populate the United States, and in 2050, Hispanics should outnumber all other segments in the populace. Deby Jones believes in empowering these people "In-A-Pinch®" to be better workers and citizens. With her program they can become bilingual in their professions and trades.

With exceptional foresight and language knowledge, Deby Jones is forging a path to the future with hard work and determination for bettering communication with Language In-A-Pinch®. Deby is a passionate and persistent woman that has not only a dream yet VISION. Her vigilance provides a productive voice to millions and amplifies what most of us knew already, "silence is not always golden".

“The Language of Business is Accommodation”™