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Communicate instantly with co-workers, customers or patients without wasting time and money on Spanish translators, dictionaries, CD/DVD’s and prolonged Spanish classes. You don’t have to learn Spanish in its entirety with our profession-specific In-a-Pinch® “cheat sheets” and VisualPhonetics™ workshops from 2nd Language Success®.

In-a-Pinch® Cheat Sheets

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Our user-friendly pocket-sized cards will provide you with key industry-specific phrases. We have developed over 300 language transaction cards in 25 different industries. Our language “cheat sheets” are also available from Spanish to English in several industries.
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VisualPhonetic™ Workshops

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Our VisualPhonetic™ workshops are fun and employ unique, patented learning approaches featuring visual cues to help you remember and pronounce words easily. Our language materials coupled with our profession-specific and interactive workshops have earned us national recognition and awards as a leader in workplace communication.
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Show your bi-lingual abilities off with our fun and functional hats featuring Spanish statements from our VisualPhonetic™ flash cards.
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“The Language of Business is Accommodation”™